Friday, August 19, 2011

My favorite song of the summer!

So MY absolute FAVORITE song of the entire Summer 2011 sadly.. yes my summer is over :(.. But anyways. Its by The Zac Brown Band ft. Jimmy Buffett and its called "Knee Deep". Now to be honest these two people combined I would of never clicked on this song if I saw it besides a video I was watching on youtube, because I am not a HUGE fan of country, so it would of never caught my eye, but one day I was in the car with my sister and this song came up and by the first sentence I was in LOVE!! It defines a summer song for me, its upbeat, fun and catchy, and I really love the lyrics there so fun and uplifting. Now I know The Zac Brown Band is getting popular but Jimmy Buffett? wasn't he like so 10 years ago? Maybe not for some people but as for me I would not of thought I would like his "part" of the song. But seriously his part of the song is MY FAVORITE PART! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SONG! and next summer I will look back on this song and I will think "ahh this is soo Summer 2011" just like what I did with the song "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry, but personally that song never gets old, and i went to see her in concert. UHMAZING.. alright getting off subject :) and here are some of MY favorite lines from this song:

"Only worry in the world is the tide gonna reach my chair sunrise, there's a fire in the sky never been so happy, never felt so high" <3

"Sunshine gonna wash my blues away" <3 (PERSONAL FAV)

"One day you can be as lost as me change your geography and maybe you might be" <3

"When you lose yourself you find a key to paradise" <3

And that is it :) What is youur FAV summer 2011 song? Writee it in the comments below :)

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