Sunday, August 21, 2011

Clean and Clear Fruit Infusion Cleanser!

OMG!!! this cleanser is amazing! though at first I was a little hesitant to buy it at first because my skin did not like the clean and clear morning glow moisturizer, so it made me stay away from clean and clear stuff for a couple of months at the least. BUT! when I was watching TV one day I saw the commercial for this product and knew I had to try it out. So I ran to Walgreens and saw this one! this is the purifying cleanser so it is going to help clean out your clogged pores, which it does perfectly. I have grown to like cleansers that are more on the thicker side, I don't really prefer the thin gel type of see through cleanser, I like the thicker colored ones and they seem to like my skin better as well. This product is also OIL-FREE so its not going to leave your skin feeling oily or even more dirty, It leaves my skin feeling clean fresh and smelling like orange blossoms.. When I first used this product I right away thought of the Orange Blossom scent Bath and Body Works used to make it was my favorite! So it made me so happy that I had something that smelled just like it. What is also awesome is that it has REAL strawberry seed extract in it and contains a lot of natural raw fruit juices porn right into the cleanser! (which I love). Overall this product has made my skin feel 5x softer, cleaner and a lot more fresh! I'm pretty sure they have two other cleansers but for different things; one for hydrating the skin and the other for reviving the skin!
Leave a comment below describing your FAVORITE must have cleanser!

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  1. That definitely sounds awesome. Ill have to try it!