Monday, August 8, 2011

And so the doctors call it a "shot"

SO.. uh i'm pretty sure the title should it explain it, even though i have no tolerance for needles at all, I usually can deal with vaccines they don't usually bother me. Because I haven't had one in a good 2-3 years the stress that came over me when my doctor said "your going to need to get a shot today" every ounce of me was like HECK NO! But when it all comes down to it, its going to protect me, and I was way overdue for one... So the nurse came in.. attempting to distract me like I was a 5 year old, she said "oh your shoes are so cute, i love the little pineapple on them" (yes my shoes have a little pineapple detail on them). OH i knew what she was trying to do! I'm not 5 thank you! Even though I kinda wish it distracted me but no.. The worst thing about this shot is how worked up I got myself about it, it seriously didn't hurt the slightest bit!! seriously i'm sure you encounter more painful experiences day to day then getting a shot like the one I had today. Overall, I'm a wimp, and got really dizzy and laid myself down, Yeah did i mention i could see straight? I'm thinking what happen is I was stressing about it hurting or something happening to me after that I basically siked myself out about the whole thing, so in the end it seriously all caught up with me and it was like a wave of pure anxiety just took over, and it was pretty hard settling me/myself down. Oh i feel so bad for that Nurse.... Well thats my little adventure today, and now I am laying in bed hoping the next time i get up nothing happens.. CURSE YOU SHOTS!

Alright, hope you enjoyed my first "Blabber Blog Post"
~ Me

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