Sunday, August 7, 2011

Drab Or Fab: Taylor Swift Everyday

So.. this is a little segment that I will be doing once and in a while and its called "Drab or Fab" totally cliche right? yep.

So for this first post:

 Look Number 1: This is my favorite look out of the 3, the red dress so pretty and classic, i love the shoes! perfect mary-janes complete this classic look, and the light brown bag adds total texture and edgy-ness to the outfit which you don't see to much from her.

Look Number 2: I think this would probably be my least favorite of the 3 looks, but of course Taylor can rock any look. I wouldn't exactly say that the egg plant leggings go with the whole outfit. I also am not a fan personally of mixing Black and Brown if you can pull it off totally go for it.. but as for me not so much, so I think with the black and white sweater & skirt and then pairing it with the brown leather boots throws the outfit in a way different direction then I would of liked. Even though I don't think the bag matches the look exactly its cute and totally vintage just like Taylor herself!

Look Number 3: I REALLY like this look now this is something you would catch me in on a summer day out, this is such a cute casual floral vintage inspired (of course) romper, I love rompers! I think out of all the looks in these three pictures she is going pretty vintage in this one, with the BOHO inspired headband around her head which I adore, i wish i could pull that off! and she just adds some simple shoes and what seems to be her favorite bag since she is wearing it in all three photos.

Right Above is the picture I am going left to right when counting each of the looks!

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