Sunday, August 7, 2011

Fashion Do's & Dont's!

FASHION MAYBE: Here is Kristen Stewart at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, I overall think this minidress fits her style pretty perfectly, as to if i were to wear this dress its a possibility I would, Every now and a then I love too wear something outside my comfort zone, this would be the perfect! I like the detailing, even though I don't have an exact close up of the dress i'm sure its soo pretty in person! I would probably pair it with some nude pumps!

Fashion DO: I love this dress that Selena Gomez is sporting, its a silky gold color with a pretty white sash going all the way to the ground, its the perfect evening dress, I would LOVE to own this dress, its gorgeous, I think Selena Gomez usually stays in the safe ways of style and doesn't go all over the top, but also doesn't get to that Lady GaGa meat dress crazy either, she has the perfect balance and has a classy style all the time. The only thing that i'm not sure I would like is the white sash, its super long and it would be something I would always worry about if i were to wear it, but overall what a great fashion do!

Fashion uh.. DON'T!: Alright Katy Perry, this dress is craaazzy! But then again isn't Katy and her style? I mean i'm pretty sure she is rockin' the pink hair now a days.. The thing that bothers me most about the dress is the top half, I don't mind the bottom flare! the sleeve is quite interesting it looks like a black spider attacking her right arm, though in the picture its her "left arm" I think i would of liked the idea if the the dress was strapless and had the lace design all around it, but as for this no no no! but she can pull it off pretty well! 

and there will be more fashion do's and dont's to come of course! if there are some pictures you want me to debate over if its a fashion do or don't send them to me via comment, or via twitpic on twitter (

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